Concept, design and manufacture of machine

We conducted ourselves the production process form designing to manufacturing and assembling. An automatic machines for processing jig mold machining parts and expertise utilizing the technology. In addition, we aim to make our products high quality and high value addition.

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Vacuum Heat Treatment

There is less strain after treatment with glitter. For quality, delivery term and cost efficiency is getting high praise from everyone through our service such as "1-day Service of the Vacuum Heat Treatment".

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Special Ball Bearing

Used in locations where low torque is required, as a high speed angular ball shaft with lubricant d.n (d: diameter of shaft, n: Rpm), up to 600.000 means relatively less load but in high speed. Less of noise compare to other type. Furthermore, due to light of equipment, there are no burning/combustion mark although in highly speed.

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Cell Membrane Maintenance

We started cell membrane replacement maintenance business made by Soda Caustic on 2004. For this project we have well trained local staff to maintain technology especially guided by engineers from the Japanese Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corporation, so we experienced held maintain our customers including Indonesia, India, Pakistan, to customers in Malaysia.

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Roll Core

Chiyoda Kogyo Co., Ltd., our parent company is a Roll Core company specialized in industrial machine Roll Core. We also perform Roll Core business, especially for products "Bobbin and core for paper roll and film", "Repair and manufacture roll" and "Spray ceramics and coating industry".

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