Automatic Equipment and Special Purpose Machine

Our strength is the capability of using high technology for precision processing, we established a system that can meet the diverse needs of our customers with the technology we developed. We totally capable to support the customer with Initiatives such as help with the selection of materials and structures, using our know ledges and experienced.

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Robot System

Our Robot System provides Factory Automation, achieve manpower saving and costdown, eliminating degradation of the production capacity due to an operator, improved production capacity.

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Washing Machine

We provide washing machines which satisfied specifications request. We supply a quality affirmable of customer by thorough discussion.

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Coolant Tank

We provide special coolant system according to the specifications, product, process, sludge, slurry, foreign oil and so on. We help to improve accuracy of products and work surroundings

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Jig Special

We ensure high-quality products based on high-rate of inhouse production. We storage inspection certificate of single parts for 10years.

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